Yoga Activities  
Among different fundamental “Sutras” in educating a student like their academic enrichment, physical healthiness, the mental empowerment is an essential and unavoidable requirement. In addition to their academic schedule and cultural & physical activities, our college organises regular “Yog Abhyas Shivir” bimonthly on saturday of every month.
Students do Yoga practice with Yogacharya and teachers in the multipurpose hall of the college, “Pragya Mandap”. They practice Pranayam, Yogasan and exercises with basic concepts and “Mudras”. The students are suggested to go through the practice regularly with their parents and neighbours to expand yoga culture among the society.
The students who are having or suffering any particular physical problem, like sleeplessness, lack of concentration etc. and can be remedied through yoga are trained separately as their specific problem.
Regular assessment through the response of students who involve themselves in yoga practice indicates improvements in their studies and functions.
College celebrates international “Yoga Day” and involves itself in such activities regularly