Department of Mathematics  

The Department of mathematics Brahmanand College affiliated with CSJM University was established in 1961 for Undergraduate mathematics courses. Mathematics courses for PG have been started in 2001. Main courses taught are Algebra, Calculus, Analysis, Analytical Geometry and Applied mathematics. At present there are seven faculty members in the department. The faculties of the department are also involved in research work and main areas of research are Complex analysis, Mathematical Modeling, Differential Geometry, Applied Mathematics and Operations Research.


The department has well furnished infrastructure, departmental library with more than 200 rare and distinguished books and well equipped with ICT facilities.


The department conducts regular classes, extra classes, remedial classes, tutorial classes in mathematics to college students for effective knowledge of subject. The students are promoted to learn with help of their text books and library books & e-resources. Students are encouraged to participate in quiz competition in mathematics. The faculty members Dr. A.K.Mishra, Dr. A.L.Pathak, Dr. S.N.Mishra, Dr. A.C.Pandey, Dr. Ritesh Agarwal completed their Ph.D. with the help of department.