Green Practices  
  Today’s need is to save water resources, energy and environment and to keep the human life healthy and secure. Cleanliness is the essential requirement to protect the environment and to keep it eco-friendly and pleasant for living. In order to achieve these things we are also in practice with the best from our side.  

For water conservation, we have a rain water harvesting system to collect and restore the rainwater as much as possible. For keeping college environment fresh and hygienic, a centrally located garden which is full of green and medicinal plants is maintained to keep the campus green. Bio-waste of garden plants is processed to make compost which is being reutilized as bio-fertilizer for providing nutrition to the plants planted in the garden. Use of the plastic and paper based disposable items such as cups and packing materials of consumer items etc. is minimized in the college and such items are preferred to be avoided. Their alternatives such as earthen cups, pots are routinely used. The open air galleries serve as a green background for college.


For energy saving, it is ensured that the lights and fans are switched off by floor peons and staff after completion of the last lecture of the day. Classrooms are made with sufficient cross ventilation and light so that the use of electricity can be minimized. We are replacing our light sources by LED lights as fast as possible. Nearly 50% of the light sources have been replaced LED lights. Fans have been replaced by less consuming fans available in the market. By the next year we are trying to replace all light sources by LED lights and by the year future next all fans to be the less power consuming fans. Not only the staff members of the college but also students of college are advised and encouraged to use public transport system or to adopt a shared vehicle among the persons residing in the nearby areas and coming from the same route.


College is proceeding gradually towards paper less official workings by applying internet based setup. The reverse blank page of the used papers is commonly reused in our institution and encouraged to do so to others as well.


We hope that we will be successful in achieving this target and making our college eco-friendly, green, neat and clean to develop a healthy environment for all.