Code of Conduct  
  Code of conduct of our institution aims to normalize the behavior of all stakeholders in such a manner that college evolve into a cohesive and functional community stepping towards its educational and national objectives.  
    Code of Conduct for Teachers  
  • Every teacher should provide moral leadership to the students by action and spirit.
  • Teacher’s devotion to academics should be with total integrity and holistic approach.
  • Teacher must refrain from any partisan attitude in class as well as in assessment of students.
  • Every teacher will abide the constitutional obligation not to discriminate any pupil on the basis of caste, creed, sect, religion, sex, language or nationality. He/She must discourage the above practices with his colleagues, subordinates and students.
  • No teacher shall refuse to comply with the decision of the college and university authorities as the case may be.
  • Every teacher must maintain the confidentiality of the information related to the affairs of University or College.
  • Teacher should strive for activities other than curriculum and try to contribute towards community services.
    Code of Conduct for Students  

This code regulates the behavior of students inside the college and in events where college team participates. Any breach of regulation subject to disciplinary action for students.

  • Dress of every student shall be clean and decent.
  • Entry shall be allowed only to those who have proper and valid identity card. I-card must be shown whenever a student asked.
  • Attendance must be maintained at the level of 75% or more.
  • Any sort of disturbance inside the classroom is liable to be punished.
  • Anti-tobacco Law, Anti drugs Act and other such laws shall be followed by the students.
  • Students are expected to be courteous to teachers and humble to office staff members.
  • Ragging and harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited in the college.
  • Use of mobiles and gadgets is not allowed inside the class, laboratory. Use of these electronic items is subjected to restrictions of academic nature.
  • Discriminatory conduct based on religion, faith, birth, place, gender and race will be penalized.