The Alumni Association of the BRAHMANAND COLLEGE, KANPUR (hereafter referred to as the Association) shall function through its registered office located in the BRAHMANAND COLLEGE, THE MALL, KANPUR (hereafter referred to as the COLLEGE) .
  Registered Office  
  The official languages shall be Hindi and English  
  The mission of the association shall be to:
1. Provide a vibrant forum that promotes interaction and networking among alumni of the college.
2. Encourage, promote and facilitate education, research and other activities of the College and to facilitate the association of alumni with their Alma Mater.
3. Provide a forum to establish a link between the alumni, staff and students of the College.
  Aims and Objectives  
  • To establish, construct, equip and maintain or contribute towards establishment, equipment and maintenance of libraries and laboratories.

  • To print, publish and circulate articles, news letters, journals, bulletins, pamphlets, posters, that the Directors in their absolute discretion deem fit/desirable for promotion and furtherance of its objectives.

  • To enable the alumni to participate in activities which would contribute to the general development of the college.

  • To establish prizes and scholarships, and render financial aid to deserving students of the College.

  • To contribute towards the welfare of the alumni.

  • To further such other aims as the General Body may decide from time to time.
      Organization and the Governing Body  
  The Principal of the college shall be the ex-officio Patron of the Association.  
  • The Association shall have the following categories of members:
  • 1. Regular members (hereafter referred to as members ) and
    2. Honorary members.
  • Those
  • 1. Who have received degree(s)/diploma(s) from the college, herein referred to as the alumni, and
    2. Faculty members who have served the College for at least one year, and have paid the life membership charge of the
        Association, shall be the members of the Association.
  • Eminent personalities honored by the College shall be the Honorary Members of the Association. In addition, the Association can also confer the Honorary Membership to persons of eminence who have not received any degree from the College but have contributed immensely or have shown a keen interest for the development of the College.
  The General Body  
  • Members of the Association shall comprise the General Body of the Association.

  • The opinion of the General body of the Association shall be supreme in taking any decision regarding amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws, if any.

  • Annual meeting of the General Body shall be held every year. The mode of holding the meeting including the place, the date, the time, the agenda and the quorum requirement shall be as per the by-laws of the Constitution.
     The Board of Directors  
The Association shall function through its Board of Directors (hereafter refereed to as the Board) which shall comprise of the following members:
  Elected Members  
  1. President
  2. Two Vice Presidents
  3. Two Joint Secretary
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Six Members representing a broad-based cross-section of alumni
  Ex-Officio and Nominated Members  
  • A distinguished alumnus/alumna
  • Past-President
  • Past-Secretary
  • Nominee of the Patron
  • For the purpose of implementing the decisions taken during its tenure, the Board shall be empowered to create the required administrative infrastructure for the registered office of the Association at the College and/or at other locations.
  For the purpose of executing its responsibilities more efficiently, the Board shall be empowered to constitute various committees, including standing committees.  
       Elections and Procedures for Amending the Constitution  
  • Elections for the members of the Board shall be held as per the procedure laid down in the by-laws of this Constitution. The electoral college shall comprise all regular members of the Alumni Association. The entire electoral college is eligible to vote for each of the elected office-bearers, and on all issues brought up for vote to the general body.

  • The Board as well as members of the General Body may propose amendments to the Constitution. All proposals for the amendment shall be put forward to the General Body for a special vote with advance notice of at least 60 days and shall be deemed to be passed if supported by at least a 2/3 rd majority of the votes cast, with the necessary quorum.
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